Top Pasalubong Centers in Roxas City You Should Visit Next When You’re in Capiz

Traveling to various places, we often have the urge to bring home some souvenirs or pasalubong and sometimes, these treats can be found in various forms – be it a handmade handicraft or some sumptuous local delicacies.

Top Pasalubong Centers in Roxas City You Should Visit Next When You're in Capiz

Whenever you’re in the seafood capital of the Philippines, never miss visiting these pasalubong centers in Roxas City. These spots often make travelers feel like bringing home the entire Roxas City vibe with its captivating treats and souvenir items.

As a travel guide to Roxas City tourists, we hereby prepare a list of top pasalubong centers that you should check out next for shopping when you’re in Roxas City.

Top Recommended Pasalubong Centers in Roxas City


Banica Dried Goods Market

A real spectacle especially for those who want to bring home the signature treat that Roxas City is known for – seafood. Banica Dried Market has various dried products ranging from different varieties of dried fish and seafood. It is a thriving business hub for locals and tourists alike who wishes to buy the famous “uga” (dried fishes). My favorite items for sale from this market must have been dried pusit (squid).

Kapis atbp.

Address: Lourdes Street, Roxas City, 5800 Capiz

Phone: (036) 621 0482

This furniture and houseware store in Roxas City that sells handicraft made of native materials is not to be missed whenever you’re in Roxas City. Its famous shell craft (handicraft made of seashells, particularly the Kapis shells) are truly spectacular and often used by local business as ornaments, while it is also in demand among local and international travelers.


Address: Magallanes Street, Roxas City, 5800 Capiz

The signature sweets of Roxas City only came from this famous dessert shop in town, it’s Panulce. Locals love its delicious cakes and tasty desserts, and we, locals often send them as gifts too to visitors when they’re returning back home.

Victoria’s House of Silvanas and Pastry Boutique

Address: San Roque Street, Roxas City, 5800 Capiz

Phone: (036) 620 3260

Here’s another pasalubong center in Roxas City that everybody should try to check. “A Little Bliss in Every Bite”, as cheeky as its slogan may sound, this dessert shop offers sumptuous snacks and foods that are perfect as pasalubong.


Address: Rizal Street, Roxas City, Philippines

Phone: +63 (036) 522 8848

Situated at the spot which was formerly known as Spanggo, Pabitbit is a pasalubong store by CIFPA (Capiz Integrated Food Producers Association) showcasing local products and delicacies such as bagoong and many more. If you want to support local producers and MSMEs, Pabitbit is one of our tops recommended pasalubong shops in Roxas City.

Capiz Tourist Information Center & Specialty Shops

For every traveler, one of our top recommended sites to visit is the Capiz Tourist Information Center and Specialty Shops situated at Capiz Provincial Park in the heart of Roxas City. Aside from buying pasalubong products, get the opportunity too to learn about the Province of Capiz a little bit deeper from its local guides and government staff.

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