Discover 15 Must-See Destinations in Capiz: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

If you’re planning to explore the mystical province of Capiz, it’s essential to prepare a list of places to visit, and Roxas City is a great starting point to create your itinerary.

Capiz is more than just the Seafood Capital of the Philippines, which truly belongs to Roxas City, but the province offers many intriguing and captivating places with compelling stories to tell beyond the city’s borders.

15 Must-See Destinations in Capiz

In this blog post, we will introduce 15 destinations in Capiz that you might want to explore during your visit to Roxas City. Some of these destinations are situated in Roxas City, as it is the capital of the province. While some of them are well-known, Capiz has many beautiful destinations that await discovery by both locals and tourists alike.

Palina Greenbelt Eco-Park

Palina Greenbelt Eco-Park Roxas City Tourist Spots

Located at Sitio Cablatan in Brgy. Cagay, Roxas City, Palina Greenbelt Eco-Park is a must-visit destination in Capiz. Relax and unwind in a floating cottage while enjoying a soothing massage. Don’t miss the opportunity to start your journey right here and right now in this tranquil eco-park in Roxas City.

The Roxas City Heritage Zone

Experience the stunning beauty of Roxas City Heritage Zone at night with interactive lights that illuminate the various historical sites. Capture the moment with Instagram-worthy photos of Roxas City Hall, Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral, Roxas City Rotunda, Monument of President Manual A. Roxas, and Panublion Museum.

Stroll around the Heritage District, take a break at the nearby food stalls, and savor the flavors of local delicacies. Don’t forget to snap some memorable shots that will leave your social media followers in awe. Make your visit to Roxas City a memorable one with a trip to its remarkable Heritage Zone.

Sta. Monica Parish Church

No visit to Capiz is complete without exploring the Sta. Monica Parish Church. Climb the belfry to see the biggest Catholic bell in Asia, or take a picture with a replica of the bell on the ground if you’re not up for the climb. This church is located in the heart of the Municipality of Panay and is a popular destination in Capiz.

Ayagao Beach Park

While Baybay Beach is a popular destination for seafood lovers, Ayagao Beach Park is an undisputed gem when it comes to swimming and soaking up the sun in Roxas City. Located near Talon Adventure Park, Ayagao Beach Park offers a peaceful and serene atmosphere for families to bond and create lasting memories. Whether you want to take a dip in the crystal-clear waters or simply bask in the sun, Ayagao Beach Park is the perfect spot to get your daily dose of Vitamin Sea.

Basiao Beach

Discover Basiao Beach, the most popular beach destination in the Municipality of Ivisan, Capiz. The stunning white sand beach is a perfect escape for those who want to explore the beach areas outside Roxas City. Although the journey to the beach may be challenging, passing through rough roads by jeepney, car, or tricycle, the trip is worth it. You can contact Basiao Beach at +63 (036) 658 0412 for inquiries and reservations.

Agtalin Shrine

Venturing beyond Roxas City is worth it with destinations like the Agtalin Shrine in the Municipality of Pilar. The shrine features an impressive 80-foot statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary atop a mountain. Devotees climb hundreds of steps for the scheduled mass every first Saturday of the month.

While in Pilar, be sure to also check out Fervet Beach View Resort, one of the town’s few but stunning resorts. It’s the perfect way to relax after a climb to the Agtalin Shrine.

Liktinon Falls

If you’re up for a thrilling adventure, don’t miss the chance to visit Liktinon Falls in the town of President Roxas. Although the journey may not be a walk in the park, the stunning cascades are located in Brgy. Bayuyan is worth it.

The refreshing and invigorating water of Liktinon Falls is the perfect reward after a challenging trek. However, it’s important to note that the path to the falls can be confusing and rugged. It’s highly recommended to hire a tour guide to help you navigate the way and avoid getting lost in the wilderness or struggling through rocky terrain.

Kawa-Kawa Falls

For those craving adventure, a must-visit spot is Kawa-Kawa Falls, just a town over from Liktinon Falls. Located in Brgy. San Silvestre in the town of Pilar, Kawa-Kawa Falls features a natural pool that resembles a large frying pan, hence its name.

Igang Cave

Heading towards the mountainous region of Maayon town, Igang Cave is among the must-see cave attractions in Capiz. Nestled in Tapulang, Maayon, this limestone cave boasts impressive stalactites and stalagmites and features several entrances at different levels. To explore the cave safely and efficiently, it’s essential to hire a guide and coordinate with the local government. The area showcases well-lit and well-ventilated chambers that offer a unique and exhilarating caving experience.

Capiz Ecology Park and Cultural Village

Capiz Ecology Park and Cultural Village, situated in Brgy. Nagba in Cuartero, Capiz, is a wonderful retreat for nature lovers. This destination offers a serene and secure environment, ideal for those who wish to relax and reconnect with nature.

Besides being an excellent place for personal retreats, the park is also perfect for hosting various events like cultural education tours, photoshoots, team-building activities, and camping trips. If you’re interested in visiting this destination, you can contact (036) 6212-935 or 09281821653. Alternatively, you can coordinate directly with the Capiz Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office.

Suhot Cave and Spring

Moving on from Cuartero, the next town to explore is Dumalag, which is home to numerous popular destinations in Capiz, including the Lahab Cave, Naulan Falls, and the St. Martin of Tours Parish Church. However, it is particularly renowned for its Suhot Cave and Spring.

Located in Brgy. Dolores, Dumalag in the Province Capiz, the resort features the Suhot Cave, and the mouth of the cave leads to a refreshing cold spring, which attracts tourists throughout the year. This place is a perfect retreat for families looking to bond and relax.

Meditation Hills

The town of Sapian has more to offer than just the Villa Oroceo-Guanco Resort. One of its must-visit destinations is the Meditation Hills, located near the highway going to the town of Mambusao and the Province of Aklan.

At the peak of the hill in Brgy. Maninang, Sapian, Capiz, you can find the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. It’s a perfect place to unwind and connect with nature as you explore the lush gardens and various statues in the area. If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway, the Meditation Hills is the perfect destination for you.

Marugo Lake

Marugo Lake, located in the remote municipality of Tapaz, Capiz, is a mystical and picturesque destination supplied by water from the surrounding mountains. Situated in Brgy. San Antonio, Marugo is approximately a 2-hour drive from Roxas City.

Beside the lake, there is a swimming pool area where both adults and children can enjoy a refreshing dip. Additionally, visitors can partake in various activities such as kayaking, boating, fishing, and jet skiing. For those seeking a relaxing and unique experience, a floating cottage is available for rent and can accommodate a group of up to 15 people.

Banica Dried Fish Center

If you’re heading out of Roxas City the next day, it’s a great idea to grab some souvenirs. And when it comes to souvenirs, dried seafood products are a must-try.

Banica Dried Fish Center is among the top pasalubong centers in Roxas City, offering a wide range of products including various types of dried fish, dried squid, and other seafood that you can take home.

Some visitors prefer to bring home fresh seafood from the market or preserved items like bottled bagoong, shrimp, and crab aligue paste, or my personal favorite, gourmet tuyo.

Baybay Beach

baybay beach roxas city

To conclude your day, indulge in a lavish seafood feast at the renowned Baybay Beach, which is home to several seafood restaurants. I highly recommend Coco Veranda and Reese’s Seafood Restaurant and Grill for their delectable seafood dishes that are among the best in the city.

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